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  • Photo 3 

    Unknown author (2016-09-06)
    Family photo: beach group photo; left to right; Sofia Madinareitia, Maria Madinareitia, Miguel Madinareitia, David Madinareitia, in background Irma Barba; mother to all children in front of her; taken in Veracruz; in 2002.
  • Photo 2 

    Unknown author (2016-09-06)
    Photo: left to right: David Madinareitia (6 years old), Maria Madinareitia (4 years old), and Miguel Madinareitia (9 years old); photo taken during family vacation in Veracurz; children in photo are all siblings; taken in 2002.
  • Photo 1 

    Unknown author (2016-09-06)
    Family photo; left to right: Sofia Madinareitia, Jesus Madinareitia holding baby Maria Madinareitia, baby Maria had just been born, about two days old; taken in Monterrey, Nuevo Lean; in 1997.