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  • Picture 3 

    Unknown (2015-05-19)
    Photo: bottom row from left to right standing from the far right is Mike Altamirano; completion from boot camp "Platoon 3135 U.S. Marine Corps.; taken in 1976 in San Diego, California.
  • Picture 2 

    Unknown (2015-05-19)
    Photo of Derry Elementary, small class (21 students), 5th grade; Mike Altamirano was the teacher for that class; taken in 1992 in Houston, Texas.
  • Picture 1 

    Unknown (2015-05-19)
    Photo: top front left to right, second man to the right whose wearing the glasses is named Mike Altamirano; served in the U.S. Marines Corps.; taken on 1973 in Station of California.