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    • General Jose Urea 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-20)
      Drawin from the General Jose Urea
    • "Goliad Bomb" 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-21)
      Exploding bomb insignia having a feathery flame; two fastening prongs with holes on reverse side; this object identifying a member of company of grenadiers in an infantry battalion, was probably worn on a cartridge box or shako”
    • Grenadien 1830's 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-20)
    • Guanajuato Cavalry 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-20)
      Drawin representing the Guanajuato Cavalry
    • "Guzman Bomb" 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-23)
      A flat plate with beveled corners. An applied exploding bomb centers the face of plate with a large sprayed flame; this object could probably belong to a grenadier, cavalry man or artillery officer.
    • Hussan Cavalry 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-20)
      Hussan Cavalry
    • iron buttons 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-16)
      iron buttons
    • ”Landeros Bomb” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-22)
      Exploding bomb with wavy flame; two fastening prongs with holes on reverse side. The author believes this object was worn on a forage cap or shako and identifies a company of grenadiers of an infantry battalion. Another ...
    • Large artillery button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-04-29)
      Large artillery button found at Camp Belknap
    • Large Dragoon button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-04-29)
      Large Dragoon button found at mouth of river
    • Large US Infantry button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-06)
      Large US Infantry button found in Rio Grande City
    • Lead pokerchips 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-07)
      Lead pokerchips
    • “ Lion ring” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-22)
      A round disc plate featuring a Lion’s head with a twisted belt loop at the right side that would have had a match that connected with a snake link device. Its applied s-link connector is no longer present on the left.
    • Long narrow buckle piece brass 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
      Long narrow buckle piece brass
    • Mexican button burrito 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-16)
      Mexican button burrito
    • Mexican buttons 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-04-29)
      15 Mexican buttons found at Palo Alto Battlefield
    • Mexican eagle button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-07)
      Mexican eagle button Hacienda del Cojo Tamaulipas, Mexico.
    • Mexican san jose and venegas 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
      Mexican san jose and venegas
    • Moon face horse bridle decoration 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-02)
      Moon face horse bridle decoration
    • Mounted 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-20)