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    • Promisary Note 

      Unknown author (2010-01-25)
      1846 promissary note issued by Galveston merchant.
    • Letter 

      Unknown author (2010-02-02)
      1822 Letter in Mayor of Matamoros Papers
    • Military Service Record 

      Canales, Servando (2010-02-04)
      Documents the service of Joaquin Galvan in the army of Porfirio Diaz
    • Letter to mayor of Matamoros 

      Clarke, General (2010-02-08)
      5 leather pages containing names from Mexican army and weapons
    • Cover from Letter 

      Ayuntamiento (2010-02-08)
      Folder cover containig a letter requesting a Mexican army report
    • Colonel's Clark Letter 

      Clark, William (2010-02-08)
      Colonel Willian Clark request the report of mexican army personal, weapons and munitions
    • Cover of Request from the Master Cuartel 

      Cuartel, Master (2010-02-09)
      Cover from a letter requesting 500 tame mules made by the Master Cuartel to the town.
    • Quarter Master Request 

      Quarter, Master (2010-02-09)
      Requestof 500 tame mules made from the Master Quarter from the U.S. to the Matamoros Mayor 1846
    • Request from General Clark 

      Clark, William (2010-02-10)
      Letters from Colonel Clark requesting vacating the town hall houses.
    • Businesses Registering with the city of Matamoros 

      Unknown author (2010-02-11)
      Business Men registering with the city of Matamoros(Businesses from the villages of San Fernando,Reynosa, Camargo, Mier and Ciudad Guerrero.)
    • Operating document of the city of Matamoros 

      Court Hall (2010-02-11)
      The court hall auction some of the municipal branches
    • Letters to Mayor of Matamoros 

      Unknown author (2010-02-22)
      Communications from the north perfecture of Tamaulipas directed to al mayor of this city
    • Laws and Acts from 1846 

      Town Hall (2010-03-01)
      Book containing the Mexican Federal Government Laws and Acts from the year 1846
    • Extraordinary Sessions of the town hall 

      Unknown author (2010-03-02)
      Book containing the extraordinary sessions from the city council in the year of 1846 of the City of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.
    • Inventory of the archives of the mayor 

      Unknown author (2010-03-02)
      Pages containing the archives from the Mayor's documents from the city of Matamaros Tamps. in the year of 1846
    • Parliamentary act from the State of Tamaulipas 

      Unknown author (2010-03-02)
      Parliamentary act of the state of Tamaulipas.
    • Inventory of 1822 

      Unknown author (2010-03-02)
      Inventory of the items from the Matamoros Mayor in the year of 1822
    • Inventory of 1845 

      Unknown author (2010-03-03)
      Inventory of the items from the Matamoros Mayor in the year of 1845.
    • Inventory from 1846 

      Matamoros Town Hall (2010-03-03)
      Inventory of the items from the Matamoros Mayor in the year of 1846.
    • photo 

      Unknown author (2010-10-27)