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    • And nothing but the truth 

      Doherty, William; Wheelus (Photographer) (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Article describing the agricultural productivity of the Texas Gulf Coast region. Includes several photographs depicting farm fields, farmers/ farm workers, various crops, an apiary, and transportation of crops. Most are ...
    • The Irish progenitors of Texas 

      Doherty, William; Wheelus (Photographer) (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Article describing the history of Irish colonists who settled in Refugio and other nearby communities in the nineteenth century. Includes photographs of locations in Refugio ("Our Lady of Refuge" church(interior and ...
    • Agricultulre in our public schools 

      Kyle, E. J. (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Article on agricultural education in Texas. Includes photographs of a sugar cane field with farm workers in the Rio Grande Valley, a cotton field with farm workers in west Texas.
    • What I have accomplished 

      Closner, John (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      John Closner's account of his account of his success farming in San Juan (Hidalgo County), Texas. Includes photographs: irrigation canel construction, a Brownsville garden, and a basket of produce on a table. Brownsville ...
    • San Patricio and Refugio counties 

      Doherty, William; Wheelus (Photographer) (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Article describing the economic and other statistical data for Refugio and San Patricio counties. Includes photo of a Eucalyptus tree by Wheelus.
    • The dawn of Texas history 

      Nicholson, J. T. (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Article describing the history of Franciscan missionaries in Texas during the eighteenth century. Includes an photograph of a young boy standing next to a grapefruit tree in Brownville, Texas. Photo by Wheelus.
    • Some Texas statistics 

      Kittrell, Norman G. (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Article describing economic and other statistical data about Texas. Includes a map of the gulf coast of texas showing the route of the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico railroad.
    • The maid of La Puerta 

      Lewis, Judd Mortimer (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Poem. "Dedicated to Miss Mary King with sincerest admiration of the writer." Includes photographs of 'Los Cedros', the residence of Jeff N. Miller, in Corpus Christie, Texas. Some images depict people engaged in various ...
    • Promisary Note 

      Unknown author (2010-01-25)
      1846 promissary note issued by Galveston merchant.
    • Letter 

      Unknown author (2010-02-02)
      1822 Letter in Mayor of Matamoros Papers
    • Military Service Record 

      Canales, Servando (2010-02-04)
      Documents the service of Joaquin Galvan in the army of Porfirio Diaz
    • Letter to mayor of Matamoros 

      Clarke, General (2010-02-08)
      5 leather pages containing names from Mexican army and weapons
    • Cover from Letter 

      Ayuntamiento (2010-02-08)
      Folder cover containig a letter requesting a Mexican army report
    • Colonel's Clark Letter 

      Clark, William (2010-02-08)
      Colonel Willian Clark request the report of mexican army personal, weapons and munitions
    • Cover of Request from the Master Cuartel 

      Cuartel, Master (2010-02-09)
      Cover from a letter requesting 500 tame mules made by the Master Cuartel to the town.
    • Quarter Master Request 

      Quarter, Master (2010-02-09)
      Requestof 500 tame mules made from the Master Quarter from the U.S. to the Matamoros Mayor 1846
    • Request from General Clark 

      Clark, William (2010-02-10)
      Letters from Colonel Clark requesting vacating the town hall houses.
    • Businesses Registering with the city of Matamoros 

      Unknown author (2010-02-11)
      Business Men registering with the city of Matamoros(Businesses from the villages of San Fernando,Reynosa, Camargo, Mier and Ciudad Guerrero.)
    • Operating document of the city of Matamoros 

      Court Hall (2010-02-11)
      The court hall auction some of the municipal branches
    • Studies In Brownsville History 

      Unknown author (2010-02-15)
      A Collection of brief tales and histories related with the Valley region including Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas.