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    • Jackson County: an ideal land 

      Lesesne, S.M. (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Discusses the land and agricultural potential of the county. Includes images of men with wagons filled with cabbage, a vineyard, a man standing in a cornfield, and men standing near an artesian well.
    • Javier Garcia Introduces President Obama 

      Garcia, Javier (2011-01-07)
      Son of UTB/TSC Faculty member Javier Garcia introduces President Barack Obama before the signing of an Education Bill.
    • Knowledge, skills, and dispositions influencing middle school teachers' decision making in planning social studies instruction in a Hispanic serving school 

      Gonzalez, Angela (2012-09-04)
      The issue of highly qualified teachers as the key to improving the educational system in the United States has become a primary focus in education. The federal educational policy No Child Left Behind Act 2001, describes ...
    • La Intencion Pictorica en Tres Novelas de Corte Realista de Ana Maria Matute 

      Carvajal, Viviana (2015-05-19)
      This thesis proposes a study about the profound relationship existing in the literary production of the Spanish author, Ana María Matute, between the poetic language found in her narrative and the Visual Arts. While a ...
    • ”Landeros Bomb” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-22)
      Exploding bomb with wavy flame; two fastening prongs with holes on reverse side. The author believes this object was worn on a forage cap or shako and identifies a company of grenadiers of an infantry battalion. Another ...
    • Landing of the American Army at Vera Cruz 

      Hudson, William (2011-04-18)
      Landing of the American Army at Vera Cruz Framed Color Lithograph, Jocelyn, 11" x 9"
    • Large artillery button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-04-29)
      Large artillery button found at Camp Belknap
    • Large Dragoon button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-04-29)
      Large Dragoon button found at mouth of river
    • Large US Infantry button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-06)
      Large US Infantry button found in Rio Grande City
    • Latina Mothers' Expectations and Perceptions about a Dual Language Education in the Rio Grande Valley 

      Cobarrubias, Rosalinda A. (2015-08-25)
      The initial purpose of this study was to identify Latino parents’ expectations and perceptions of a dual language program in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. All of the Latino parents of children in one dual language program ...
    • Laws and Acts from 1846 

      Town Hall (2010-03-01)
      Book containing the Mexican Federal Government Laws and Acts from the year 1846
    • Lead crimps 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-11-12)
      Lead crimps were used to ensure proper seating of the flint in the lock
    • Lead pokerchips 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-07)
      Lead pokerchips
    • Letter 

      Unknown author (2010-02-02)
      1822 Letter in Mayor of Matamoros Papers
    • Letter 

      Salas, Elena Pescador (2015-03-10)
      Photo of family letter from Elena Pescador Salas to Mela del Jesus Gamon dated January 24, 1978; place of letter in Cuernavaca, Mexico.
    • Letter to mayor of Matamoros 

      Clarke, General (2010-02-08)
      5 leather pages containing names from Mexican army and weapons
    • Letters to Mayor of Matamoros 

      Unknown author (2010-02-22)
      Communications from the north perfecture of Tamaulipas directed to al mayor of this city
    • “ Lion ring” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-22)
      A round disc plate featuring a Lion’s head with a twisted belt loop at the right side that would have had a match that connected with a snake link device. Its applied s-link connector is no longer present on the left.
    • Lithograph of "Mayor General Zachary Taylor" 

      Hudson, William (2011-04-14)
      Lithograph of "Mayor General Zachary Taylor" Framed 25.5" x 19.75"
    • Lithograph of "Monterrey" 

      Hudson, William (2011-04-14)
      Lithograph of "Monterrey", D.P. Whiting Del Capt 7th Inf. , printed by G&W Endicott, New York Framed 28.75 x 22.25