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    • Breast Plates 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-03)
      This breast plate appears to have been blown outwards possibly from a bullet.
    • briquit sword piece 

      Manuel, Hinojosa (2011-05-16)
      briquit sword piece
    • Broken Briquit sword handle 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-03)
      Broken Briquit sword handle
    • Brown bess long piece 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
      Brown bess long piece
    • Brown bess broken piece 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
      Brown bess broken piece
    • Brown bess piece 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
      Brown bess piece
    • Brown bess short piece 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
      Brown bess short piece
    • Brush brass container 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-04-29)
      Brush brass container without brush
    • “Buena Vista Spouting Bomb” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-21)
      Exploding bomb insignia having a water spouting looking flame; two fastening prongs with holes on reverse side; this object identifying a member of a company of grenadiers in an infantry battalion, was probably worn on a ...
    • The building of the modern railroad 

      Doherty, William; Wheelus (Photographer) (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Discusses the construction of the Gulf Coast Line. Includes portrait of Jeff N. Miller, images of the railroad tracks, railroad construction, and depots and stations in Brownsville, Kingsville, and Vanderbilt. Some ...
    • Bullet worm 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-03)
      A bullet worm was used to extract stuck bullets from a barrel o a firearm.
    • Bullets 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-10-28)
      Three of the small "bucks" were wrapped with one large ball into paper cartridge containing gunpowder. The cartridge was rammed down the barrel of the muzzel loaders used by both sides of the U.S.-Mexican War
    • Businesses Registering with the city of Matamoros 

      Unknown author (2010-02-11)
      Business Men registering with the city of Matamoros(Businesses from the villages of San Fernando,Reynosa, Camargo, Mier and Ciudad Guerrero.)
    •     Butt piece brown bess 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
      Butt piece brown bess
    • Caballeros Cazadores 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-20)
      Drawin representin the Caballeros Cazadores
    • Cadets of the "Aspirantes" Military Academy 

      Shepherd, Sherry (2011-06-16)
      Images collected by the grandfather of Sherry Shepherd while living in Mexico City during the Mexican Revolution Era.
    • camp Belknap 4 hole pewter buttons 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-16)
      camp Belknap 4 hole pewter buttons
    • Cannon Ball 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-03)
      Cannon ball used in the Mexican-American war 1846.
    • Cannon Balls 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-10-28)
    • Cannon Balls 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-10-28)