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    • ”Sabinas Bomb” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-21)
      A flame that is bending left belonging to an exploding bomb insignia; one fastening prong with a hole on reverse side; this object identifying a member of a company of grenadiers in a infantry battalion, was probably worn ...
    • "San Jacinto Bomb" 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-23)
      Exploding bomb with a waving flame; two fastening prongs with holes on reverse side; this object identifying a company of grenadiers of a infantry battalion was probably worn on a cartridge box or shako.
    • San Patricio and Refugio counties 

      ; ; ; Doherty, William; Wheelus (Photographer) (Wm Doherty (Corpus Christie, Texas), 1906)
      Article describing the economic and other statistical data for Refugio and San Patricio counties. Includes a photo of a Eucalyptus tree. Photo by Wheelus.
    • A Sarita Flower 

      Doherty, William (1908)
      Tells the story of a family who welcomes a new family, into their town to seek a home of their own. As well as the story of a dog and a man. Includes images of the vegetable garden of the South Texas garden.
    • Second grade ELL's emic perspective of an afterschool reading program: an interactional ethnographic study of reading opportunities and social construction of second grade ELL's read alouds 

      Saldivar, Susana (2012-05-24)
      The purpose of this research was to uncover what counts as reading to second grade ELLs (English Language Learners) in a non-graded, afterschool reading program. I used an interactional ethnographic epistemological ...
    • Sedimentation and barnacle recruitment and growth in a shallow coastal lagoon of south Texas 

      Gray, John Jack (2014-04-25)
      According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, one of this nation’s greatest concerns to the receiving waters of an aquatic system is the impairment of water quality due to sediment transport. Thus, an ...
    • A Sense of Place 

      Ledingham, Christopher; Walton, Judith; Cruz, Myra (2011-08-29)
      In 2006, when the long-time dream of a new building for the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College Kinesiology Department appeared to be coming true, Dr. Zelma Mata, Chair, approached me about writing ...
    • Sergant eppulttee clarkville 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-07)
      Sergant eppulttee clarkville
    • Sewing thimble 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-04)
      Sewing thimble
    • Shako Hat Plate 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-23)
      The top piece has slightly raised letters, “BN 1” and on the lower part of oval are two rows of raised letters, “GRANADE” is on the first line with “ROS” below. The author believes that this object identifies a member ...
    • Shaman 

      Medrano, Manuel (2011-01-07)
      Topics consisted of
    • Shield 12 inch seat 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-07)
      Shield 12 inch seat
    • Shrapnel 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-12-30)
      War item used in the Mexican-American War in 1846
    • Side plate remington 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-13)
         Side plate remington
    • Signal corp battery plate 

      Manuel, Hinojosa (2011-05-07)
      Signal corp battery plate
    • Simulation of electronic processes of nanoenergetic gas generator using Cabrera Mott oxidation model 

      Ramazanova, Zamart (2013-12-17)
      This research study is a theoretical framework for understanding rapid thermal processes which occur during the performance of new Nanoenergetic Gas-Generators (NGG) systems that rapidly release a large amount of gaseous ...
    • small artillery button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-16)
      small artillery button
    • small artillery button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-16)
      small artillery button
    • Small artillery button 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-04-29)
      Small artillery button found at Camp Belknap
    • small buckles 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2011-05-16)
      small buckles