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    • Baptism Document 

      Unknown author (7/22/2016)
      Uribe-Shears family; double sided; baptism document in 001; Charro Days in 002.
    • Bar Lead 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-03)
      Bar lead was frequently carried by soldiers. Melted over a campfire, the lead could be poured into moulds for bullets, flint shims, or any number of other small fasteners.
    • Battalion Emblem 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-21)
      A hunting horn emblem, with the block number and letter “4L” displayed inside the horn loop; two fastening prongs with holes are attached to the reverse side The author believes that this object identifies the Fourth Light ...
    • Battalion Emblem 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-21)
      An elongated flat sided shield with a raised bold European block style “4L” separated by dots.A drilled hole exists below and between letters.The author believes that this object identifies the Fourth Light Infantry ...
    • Battalion Emblem “4-o Cuarto Baón Infanteria Legéra Permanente Cartridge Box Belt Plate 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-20)
      An elongated slightly domed oval plate; one pair of prongs with holes on reverse side; an open cut European style “4L” on the face of plate, with a hole below. The author believes that this object identifies the Fourth ...
    • Bayonet tip 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-04)
      Bayonet tip
    • Beer bottle 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-04)
      Beer bottle
    • Beeswax used to prepare lead for making bullets 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-10-27)
    • Belt Buckle 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-12-30)
      Belt Buckle
    • Belt buckle 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-11-12)
      Belt buckle from a member of the Guanajuato Cavalry Regiment
    • Big Money In Onions 

      Doherty, William (1908)
      Discusses the topic of how the business of onion production in the lower Rio Grande Valley is a good booming business.
    • Birth Certificate 

      Cameron County (6/26/2015)
      Photo of birth certificate of Samuel James Klahn; documented on 1893 at Brownsville, Texas.
    • Birth Certificate 

      Gobierno del Estado de Tamaulipas (2015-06-17)
      Image of birth certificate of Marcos E. Manuel Ramirez Alvarez; 1991; Matamoros, Mexico.
    • Birth Certificate 2 

      Cameron County (6/26/2015)
      Photo of Samuel James Klahn's wife, Maria Antonia Barbosa, birth certificate; documented on 6/22/1957 at Brownsville, Texas.
    • Black beer bottle 

      Manuel, Hinojosa (2011-05-06)
      Black beer bottle found at Fort Ringold
    • Bone buttons 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2011-01-04)
      Bone buttons
    • Boot dagger found at Camp Belknap 

      Unknown author (2010-10-27)
    • Brass buttons from New York and Viriginia volunteer companies 

      Museums of Port Isabel (2010-12-21)
      Brass buttons from New York and Virginia volunteer companies accompany this 1836 militia cross belt plate.
    • Breast Belt Emblem “Animas Lion’s Head” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-21)
      A sculptured lion’s head that has a pinched nose with a drilled hole.A large loop is is attached to the nose.Two fasteners on reverse side.A similar plate was reported found at Sierra Gordo, Veracruz, Mexico.
    • Breast Belt Emblem “Jarral Lion’s head” 

      Hinojosa, Manuel (2010-12-21)
      Sculptured lion’s head with two fasteners on reverse side.